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RPM 3 Replacement Coil By Smok ( ON SALE !!! )

RPM 3 Replacement Coil By Smok ( ON SALE !!! )

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Your Guide to Buying Smok RPM 3 Coil

The Smok RPM 3 Coil is designed to deliver exceptional performance and flavor. Crafted with precision, this coil ensures a smooth vaping experience with every puff. Its innovative design guarantees no leakage and a longer lifespan, making it a cost-effective choice for vapers.

Why Choose the Smok RPM 3 Coil?

  • Superb Flavor: The RPM 3 Coil is known for its ability to enhance the flavor of your e-liquid, allowing you to savor every note and nuance.
  • Consistent Vapor Production: Whether you prefer thick clouds or a milder vapor, this coil delivers consistent results, catering to your vaping style.
  • Longevity: With a longer lifespan compared to many other coils, the Smok RPM 3 Coil offers durability and value for your money.
  • Leak-Proof Design: Say goodbye to messy leaks; this coil is engineered for a hassle-free vaping experience.

Where to Buy Smok RPM 3 Coil

Finding the authentic Smok RPM 3 Coil is crucial for your vaping pleasure. You can purchase it from reputable sources, including:

  1. Local Vape Shops: Visit your nearest vape shop, where you can often get personalized advice and guidance on choosing the right coil for your device.
  2. Online Retailers: Many trusted online vape retailers stock the Smok RPM 3 Coil. Be sure to read reviews and check for customer feedback to ensure authenticity and quality.
  3. Official Smok Website: For added peace of mind, consider purchasing directly from the official Smok website, where you can verify the product's authenticity.

How to Install Your Smok RPM 3 Coil

Installing the Smok RPM 3 Coil is a straightforward process:

  • Detach the Tank: Unscrew the tank from your device carefully.
  • Remove the Old Coil: Unscrew the old coil from the base of the tank and dispose of it properly.
  • Prime the New Coil: Apply a few drops of e-liquid to the coil's cotton wick to prevent dry hits.
  • Install the New Coil: Screw the new RPM 3 Coil into the base of the tank.
  • Reassemble the Tank: Reattach the tank to your device, ensuring it's securely fastened.
  • Fill and Wait: Fill the tank with your favorite e-liquid, wait a few minutes for the coil to saturate, and you're ready to vape.


The Smok RPM 3 Coil is a game-changer for your vaping journey, offering exceptional flavor, reliability, and longevity. Now that you know where to buy and how to install it, you can take your vaping experience to new heights. Enjoy a seamless and flavorful adventure with the Smok RPM 3 Coil by your side.

  • These coils are available in a resistance of 0.15ohm or 0.23ohm.

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