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Panther Series BLUE by DR. VAPES (Saltnic)

Panther Series BLUE by DR. VAPES (Saltnic)

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Experience Refreshing Coolness and Flavor with Panther Series BLUE by DR. VAPES (Saltnic) in UAE

Dive into a world of refreshing coolness and flavor with Panther Series BLUE by DR. VAPES (Saltnic) in UAE. This amazing e-liquid combines invigorating menthol with delightful tastes. In this review, we explore what makes Panther Series BLUE a must-try for vapers seeking satisfying and rejuvenating experiences.

Cool Sensation and Taste Blend

Panther Series BLUE stands out for blending menthol's coolness with enticing flavors. This fusion offers a unique experience that marries cooling sensations with delightful tastes.

Authentic and Multifaceted Flavors

Panther Series BLUE's dedication to real flavors sets it apart. The vape captures genuine tastes, ensuring every inhale delivers true experiences. Cooling elements enhance flavors, creating dynamic interplays between coolness and taste.

Designed for Refreshment

DR. VAPES crafted Panther Series BLUE for refreshing pleasure. This e-liquid awakens your senses, showcasing the brand's commitment to invigorating and flavorful vaping.

Balanced Nicotine Satisfaction

Panther Series BLUE excels in taste and nicotine satisfaction. Saltnic formula ensures smooth nicotine hits, enhancing the overall vaping experience. Whether transitioning or seeking refreshment, this e-liquid delivers on both.


Panther Series BLUE by DR. VAPES (Saltnic) offers a tantalizing coolness and flavor blend. Its flavors, combined with invigorating cooling, satisfy and rejuvenate. Whether a menthol enthusiast, refreshment seeker, or transitioning vaper, Panther Series BLUE provides a journey rich in taste and coolness. Elevate your vape with Panther Series BLUE today.

An astonishing blue raspberry slush. Dat Blue Stuff brings back your childhood memories, always leaves a smile on your face, and never feeling blue.

  • Flavor: Raspberry
  • VG/PG: 50%/50%
  • Size: 30 ml

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