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Peach Ice by ISGO (Saltnic)

Peach Ice by ISGO (Saltnic)

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Peach Ice by ISGO (Saltnic) in UAE: A Refreshing Vaping Delight

Experience the invigorating combination of ripe peaches and icy menthol with Peach Ice by ISGO (Saltnic) in UAE. This flavor offers a unique and revitalizing vaping journey that's perfect for both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts.

Savor the Blend

Peach Ice by ISGO (Saltnic) masterfully blends the natural sweetness of ripe peaches with a refreshing menthol kick. As you vape, you'll first enjoy the succulent taste of juicy peaches, followed by a wave of cooling menthol that leaves your palate refreshed and satisfied.

Ripe Peaches

Central to Peach Ice's flavor profile are the authentic notes of ripe peaches. Imagine sinking your teeth into a perfectly juicy peach – that's the sensation this e-liquid captures. Each puff delivers the genuine taste of sun-ripened peaches, ensuring a delightful and true-to-life experience.

Cooling Menthol Sensation

Complementing the peachy sweetness is a surge of menthol goodness. The menthol infusion creates a soothing and cooling sensation that elevates the vaping experience. It's like a breath of fresh air, providing a revitalizing twist to the rich peach flavor.

Smooth Nicotine Salts

Peach Ice by ISGO (Saltnic) is formulated with top-quality nicotine salts, offering a smoother and more satisfying nicotine delivery. The gentle throat hit and well-balanced flavor profile ensure that every draw of Peach Ice is both enjoyable and gratifying.

Pod-Friendly Convenience

Designed for compatibility with pod systems and low-wattage devices, Peach Ice is your versatile companion. Whether you're relaxing at home, strolling outdoors, or taking a quick break, the cooling embrace of Peach Ice is always within reach.


Peach Ice by ISGO (Saltnic) redefines refreshment in vaping. With the harmonious blend of sweet peaches and invigorating menthol, this flavor promises an exciting journey for your taste buds. Embrace the cooling fusion and elevate your vaping pleasure with Peach Ice – a truly refreshing indulgence.

  • ISGO's Peach Ice is the perfect way to cool off in the summer. Enjoy the delightful flavor of juicy peaches mixed with a refreshing icy chill. This saltnic flavor has a balanced combination of sweet and tart, making it perfect for vapers.

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