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Blaze by PUKKA JUICE 60ml ( ON SALE !! )

Blaze by PUKKA JUICE 60ml ( ON SALE !! )

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Experience Bold Flavors with Blaze E-Liquid by PUKKA JUICE 60ml in UAE

Discover exciting vaping sensations with PUKKA JUICE's new creation – Blaze E-Liquid 60ml in UAE. This innovative masterpiece ignites your taste buds by combining ripe fruit sweetness with invigorating menthol chill. Dive into Blaze's flavors and elevate your vaping experience.

Sweet Fruits Harmony

Blaze E-Liquid blends sweet fruits that dance on your palate. PUKKA JUICE combines succulent berries and juicy citrus for a delightful fusion that captures nature's sweetness. Each puff takes you through ripe goodness, promising an indulgence like no other.

Refreshing Menthol Kick

Blaze stands out with its refreshing menthol twist. The coolness complements fruits, providing a revitalizing sensation with each exhale. The menthol doesn't overpower the fruits but enhances them, leaving you invigorated.

Satisfying Vaping Enjoyment

Blaze E-Liquid isn't just a flavor; it's a satisfying experience. Every draw captivates with sweetness and coolness, creating a balanced sensation. The 60ml bottle ensures you have plenty of this exceptional blend.

Crafted with Care

Quality matters at PUKKA JUICE, and Blaze E-Liquid proves it. The e-liquid is made with premium ingredients, delivering an authentic experience. No artificial additives mean you taste the true blend flavors.

Versatile for All Vapers

Blaze E-Liquid suits all vapers, whether experienced or new. Its balanced flavor profile is great on its own or mixed with compatible flavors. Experiment and find your perfect combo.


Blaze E-Liquid by PUKKA JUICE is a flavors revelation. Sweet fruits and cool menthol create a thrilling taste adventure. Embrace the flavors, refreshing menthol, and expert craftsmanship. Redefine your vaping with Blaze E-Liquid and enjoy captivating sensations PUKKA JUICE has captured brilliantly.

  • Experience the Blaze by PUKKA JUICE, a balanced blend of exotic fruits, berries. The perfect combination of flavor  make this e-liquid truly unique. Boasting a remarkable 60ml capacity, this juice is the perfect choice for any vaping enthusiast looking for a flavorful vaping experience.

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