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Engine II RTA by OBS

Engine II RTA by OBS

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OBS Engine II RTA in UAE: A Comprehensive Review of the Top Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

In the vaping world, OBS is known for making top-quality and innovative products, and the Engine II RTA is no exception in UAE. This rebuildable tank atomizer aims to offer an excellent vaping experience with its advanced features and impressive performance. In this detailed review, we'll explore the key aspects of the OBS Engine II RTA, including its design, build quality, performance, and user-friendliness.

Design and Build Quality

The OBS Engine has a sleek and elegant design. It's made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and a polished look. The tank's construction is solid, and the threads are smooth, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Tank Capacity and Filling

The Engine II comes with a large 5ml tank capacity, reducing the need for frequent refills and providing longer vaping sessions. The top-fill mechanism is easy to use and prevents messes - simply slide the top cap to fill the tank.

Advanced Airflow System

One of the standout features of the Engine II is its advanced airflow system. With dual airflow slots at the base, users can easily adjust the airflow to suit their preferences, whether they prefer a tight draw or a more open one. This customization makes it suitable for both beginners and experienced vapers.

Exceptional Performance

The Engine II excels in performance. The postless dual-coil build deck makes coil installation simple, and the ample space allows for different coil configurations. The wicking system ensures smooth and consistent wicking, avoiding dry hits and providing a flavorful and satisfying vape every time.

Leak-Proof Design

Leaking is a common concern with RTAs, but OBS has tackled this issue in the Engine II RTA. Thanks to its top airflow design and top-fill mechanism, the tank remains leak-proof, even when placed on its side. This feature enhances the overall user experience, making vaping hassle-free and mess-free.

User-Friendly and Versatile

The OBS Engine II is designed to be user-friendly. The spacious build deck, adjustable airflow, and easy top-fill system make it accessible for both beginners and seasoned vapers. Additionally, the RTA supports both single and dual-coil setups, allowing users to experiment and find their preferred vaping style.


In conclusion, the OBS Engine IIstands out as an exceptional and highly functional rebuildable tank atomizer. With its premium build quality, innovative features, and top-notch performance, it offers vapers an unmatched vaping experience. Embrace the world of flavor and vapor production with the OBS Engine II RTA today!

  • Measuring 26mm in diameter, the Engine 2 utilizes a unique dual-post dual-terminal build deck for easy coil building.

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