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N90 Tiger 26G by Omega

N90 Tiger 26G by Omega

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Experience Power with N90 Tiger 26G by Omega Coil: An Incredible Vaping Choice

In the exciting world of vaping, Omega N90 Tiger 26G coil is known for their innovative products. The N90 wire is a prime example of their commitment to providing vapers with great options. This detailed review looks at the key features, performance, and benefits of this impressive wire, aiming to help you enjoy a better vaping experience.

Quality N90 Tiger 26G Wire

The N90 Tiger 26G wire showcases Omega's dedication to quality. Made from top-notch materials, this wire offers excellent conductivity and durability. With a 26G thickness, it balances resistance and efficiency for strong performance and great vapor production.

Tiger Coil Design

The N90 Tiger 26G wire features a unique Tiger coil design. This intricate structure maximizes surface area, leading to better e-liquid absorption and even heat distribution. The result is improved flavor and satisfying clouds, giving you a richer vaping experience.

Versatile and Customizable

The N90 Tiger 26G wire is adaptable to different vaping styles. Whether you prefer flavor or clouds, this wire works well. It can be used with various coil setups, allowing you to experiment and customize your experience.

Easy to Install

Omega values convenience, and the N90 Tiger 26G wire reflects this. Its user-friendly design makes installation simple, suitable for both experienced coil builders and beginners. Spend less time setting up and more time enjoying your vaping.


In summary, the N90 Tiger 26G wire by Omega represents innovation and quality. With its high-grade build, Tiger coil design, versatility, and easy use, it's a valuable addition for any vaper. Whether you want better flavors or bigger clouds, this wire helps you enhance your vaping experience. Step into advanced vaping with the N90 Tiger 26G wire and enjoy an unmatched journey.

  • Omega wire is a carefully handcrafted, designer Tiger style wire produces the perfect balance between supreme vapour and unmatched flavour.
  • Because of the nature of kanthal's higher resistance per foot than N90 and other speciality wire, Kanthal Tiger is perfect for higher ohm series builds. N90 excels with single tube and parallel boxes.

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